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10 May 2011 @ 03:06 am
From Twitter 05-09-2011  

  • 08:13:07: Wow. Now she's coming home from her semester abroad early. This is one true facebook thriller.
  • 09:03:56: Wish me luck the prof won't hate all my stuff today.
  • 10:18:23: He only thought that one of my ideas sucked. Yay!
  • 10:44:41: a girl with horn-rimmed glasses: GIVEAWAY http://t.co/b0lG2AU
  • 12:08:00: How to tell my boss I need the whole next week off bc of a special seminar?!
  • 13:16:20: Jetzt ist die Muschi bei Steiff beleidigt, weil ich lieber bei Amazon billiger Kuscheltiere bestelle, anstatt Ewigkeiten bei ihr zu warten.
  • 18:37:42: a girl with horn-rimmed glasses: i want. http://t.co/b0lG2AU
  • 20:39:52: Finally gym today, after 5 days of not having the time to go. Felt really good.

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