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09 May 2011 @ 03:04 am
From Twitter 05-08-2011  

  • 13:19:03: Finished campaign 1/3. Only 2 to go. Ugh. -.-
  • 13:44:46: 2/3. I'm sooo sick of doing uni stuff right now.
  • 14:02:44: a girl with horn-rimmed glasses: my weekend in pictures. http://t.co/T0Moot6
  • 14:28:46: Bad guilty conscience after I decided not to go to the gym today. Been there only once this week. But we're going to talk a walk instead.
  • 16:36:24: a girl with horn-rimmed glasses: giveaway: catrice cosmetics. http://t.co/FhbriT8 #GIVEAWAY I'm so excited!
  • 16:37:34: GIVEAWAY on my blog. It's just a tiny one, but still. Hope you like it?!
  • 18:01:44: Apparently, two friends of me have broken up, according to his fb status.

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